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“Titanium Dream” Company

The “Titanium Dream” company gives you the opportunity to enjoy the achievements of the modern science at home and on vacation, as well as to facilitate your work in the garden or to get a lot of pleasure on a fishing trip, to please your friends with unusual souvenirs and surprise your guests with the unique cutlery!

Titanium as a new chemical element was discovered in the late 18th century and owes its name to the mighty heroes of Greek legends. The name has justified itself: use of titanium in industrial and manufacturing sectors let to perform a giant leap in creating new and improved technologies, products and diverse constructions. Titanium products help to develop the most relevant and promising branches of the world economy — the conquest of space, aircraft industry, studying the ocean deep waters — it means there, where material requires maximum efficiency and strength.

What is the difference between this metal and its competitors? The second name of titanium is «eternal metal». On specific strength it is unrivalled among other industrial metals. When compared titanium products with their steel analogues, they are lighter to 1.7 times. Titanium products have an excellent chemical resistance, their thermal conductivity is 13 times less than that of aluminium and 12 times lower than that of steel. Titanium products are much more comfortable to touch. One of the most remarkable and essential titanium properties is its unusual resistance to corrosion — the worst enemy of metals.

“Titanium Dream” pleases connoisseurs of quality and comfort with titanium products not the first year. Great cutlery sets are developed special for you: light, resistant to damages and cleaning agents, they will please your eyes with unusual colours.

Do you spend the most of your time in the country? The collection of the garden equipment from “Titanium dream” is the best gift for a win-win fight for the harvest! Lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant tools will not only please your eyes for many years with their original appearance and sharpness, but also significantly reduce load during the physical work.

Avid tourists, fishermen and hunters are probably familiar with titanium products, if not — “Titanium Dream” is pleased to offer you the unique hiking kits, ice screws, folding shovels and other essential tools, irreplaceable in the woods, on the river or in a long trip due to their low weight and high strength!

More detailed information about our products and their characteristics can be found in the relevant sections of our website.“Titanium Dream” presents the latest developments of the modern science and technology, helping you to simplify and improve your life!