About us

About us.Welcome to the website of the «Titanium dream» Company.

Why is it “titanium”? We offer a large selection of goods for lots of users from the material that had been used only in the most advanced branches of science and industry until recently. Titanium used to be inaccessible to a common user.

Why is it a “dream”? That is because our products meet the strictest requirements for quality, reliability and security.“Titanium Dream «started its work in 2011 and it has already established itself as an excellent partner and a reliable supplier of unique products of 100% quality.

We are situated in the Sverdlovsk region, in the city of Nizhny Tagil — the “Iron and Steel” city of the Urals.On our site you will find a variety of unique products designed to improve your life, to do the hard work easier and your vacation more enjoyable.

The staff of the «Titanium Dream» Company are happy to fulfill your order, our experts will advise you, help you make the right choice, get acquainted with the terms of payment, provide the most rapid, reliable and cost-effective delivery.We work with the customers from all over the world, our products are unique and popular, and they have no analogues! Our prices will pleasantly surprise you, and the assortment will delight you with its diversity.

“Titanium Dream” represents space technology in your kitchen, in your garden, in your life!