Lure retriever «Rescuer — 2»

Lure retriever «Rescuer — 2»

Lure retriever

Weight — 2 kg

Weight — 2 kg Do you know the spinners’ wisdom: to go fishing without a lure retriever is the same as to stroke the fire with money. And it's true; fishing in areas with underwater driftwood nullifies the chances to get the entangled bait back.

But nowadays there is a way to save your expensive tackle almost in any case. The “Titanium Dream” Company presents a Lure retriever “Rescuer — 2”. Compact but multipurpose set should be in the arsenal of any fisherman! This retriever with a 2 kg weighting is ideal for fishing in deep water — it can easily and quickly get your favorite lure back. The Lure retriever “Rescuer — 2” set includes a coil with safety cord, weighting, a hinge trap and a tee trap. Such package of contents provides almost one hundred percent probability of retrieving your lure.

You do not worry about the depth of the waterbody or the force of the current due to the design of our retriever. The inner surface of the retriever body is made of non-ferrous metal — it is perfectly smooth, and thus, it makes no sense to worry about the safety of the thinnest fishing line.

By the way, the diameter of the ring is big enough for a deep-water wobbler to pass through it. You can use to lure retriever «Rescue-2» like a simple bump or for lifting fishnets and other perpetrators of the hitch and even your Echo!

The fishing retriever is a modern necessary tackle made of high-strength materials. It is durable, non-corrosive, and resistant to physical and chemical effects. The Lure retriever “Rescuer — 2” is a perfect choice for both beginners and pros of a real fishing!

Lure retriever “Rescuer — 2”Lure retriever

Price 300 $

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