Titanium Planting Shovel

Titanium Planting Shovel.

Working with soil and gardening have been considered to be a great soothing therapy and relaxing occupation since old times. However, to get the results to be proud of one should devote quite a lot of time and effort. Working with soil is extremely painstaking and tiresome. That is why all the gardeners and farmers aim to facilitate it by means of various modern equipment.

One of the best examples of such equipment is a planting shovel made of titanium. Its weigh is 130 grams (310 gr with a shaft), the dimensions of its working surface (90X200 mm) are convenient. That is why it is a real finding for those who take up planting, cultivating and weeding.

A titanium planting shovel can be used either indoors or in the garden. It is very firm, resistant to loadings and various temperature conditions.

Due to the specific characteristics of the titanium material, you can considerably facilitate your work because soil does not stick to the working surface and you can accomplish your task without pausing to clean your equipment.By the way, you do not need to worry about its storage. Our planting shovel is corrosion-resistant and it will keep its original form for a long time. It is easy to maintain, compact and easy-to-use at home as well as in the garden.

Spring fever with seedlings or work in your greenhouse, planning a beautiful flowerbed, we are sure you will always be able to use our titanium planting shovel.

Our equipment is very light and functional as in our company “Titanium Dream” we try to do our best to make our clients’ lives easier. By means of introducing hi tech inventions into our everyday life, it is possible today and even now.

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