Eight-teeth titanium rake with a shaft

60mmX160mm. Length — 540 gr. Weigh — 260 gr. Titanium.

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One of the most favorite periods for thousands of people begins annually early in spring — it is a summer cottage retreat season. It never ends the whole year round for some amateurs. The results of such a constant work can only be envied. The “Titanium dream” company presents a unique partition of our production showcase. These things can facilitate any gardener’s life.

A wide range of garden tools presented in this partition includes the most up-to-date equipment that differs radically from the tools you are used to.Modern science and technology work not only for “high” industry, first, its main goal is to facilitate people’s everyday life. We are glad to present our garden tools of a new generation. They are made of titanium alloy. They are a real found and salvation for those who like to work with soil. Thanks to its unique characteristics, titanium equipment greatly reduces the load on your hands, back and your neck raising efficiency factor by several times!

If you take a titanium spade in your hands, if you try our rake or a special planting shovel you will never work with any other tools.

Our titanium tools do not require grinding, cleaning or special way of storing. The titanium garden equipment keep its original form and view for a long time. It is resistant to rust and deformation, it is troubleproof and delights the eye. Do not be confused by the difference in price — a titanium tool will quickly pay off by excellent yield and health saving. If you are not a fan of gardening or you are not fond of making flowerbeds or cultivating violets do not hurry to leave this partition of “Titanium dream” company production.

Please your relatives and friends with a good present. You do not think that a spade is a nice present, do you? Then you have not seen the eyes of an experienced gardener who has just taken a convenient, light and firm tool in his hands. “Titanium dream” does not offer just rakes or shovels; we offer you a profitable investment that can easily help you to turn a non-stop hard work into an unfatiguing pleasant hobby.