18-pcs. cutlery set “Rainbow” in gift box

Does everything seem to be gray and dull to you? Are you bored of commonness? Do you want to bring bright colors into your life? We suggest you to diversify your usual weekdays with a rainbow — quite palpable, unusual rainbow, making your mood great even during a simple lunch!

We are glad to present to you the cutlery set “Rainbow” made of anodized titanium.The set consist of 18 items of unusual colors obtained by the technological process without using chemical dyes and special coatings, and is therefore safe for the whole family!

Titanium tablespoons, forks and teaspoons will decorate a festive table or make the daily family dinner more vivid. They will not only raise your spirits by their appearance, but also facilitate the cleaning after the meal, because products made from this metal are very easy to care for, resistant to any dishwashing detergents, easy to wash from the food residues, durable and safe!

Such an anodized set as “Rainbow” will serve for many years, not only you but also your next generations. Titanium is for a reason used in industries, where superior strength, wear resistance and hardness are required.

The cutlery “Rainbow” is heat-resistant and has, as compared to other popular materials, low thermal conductivity, so that you don`t need to worry by eating even a very hot food!

Such a gift will be fully appreciated by kids, connoisseurs of bright and unusual things, because now instead of controversies and debates about the “favorite and least favorite” dishes you can amuse yourself with more interesting things — choosing spoon color for dinner! Cutlery made

Набор титановых ложек и вилокРазноцветные столовые приборы из титана — ложки и вилки

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