Titanium Pen. «Sand»

Titanium Pen.«Sand» Men's Accessory. Office style

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Titanium bottle opener «USSR»

Titanium bottle opener «USSR»

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Gift Set «Hurricane»

Gift Set “Hurricane” Titanium sectional souvenir. Weight of a shotglass: 80 g. The set consists of a stand and 6 shotglasses. New 2015.

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Titanium shotglasses «Hurricane»

Titanium shotglasses “Hurricane” Titanium sectional souvenir. Weight 80 g. The set consists of 2 pieces. New 2015.

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Titanium vodka shotglass

Titanium vodka shotglass Titanium sectional souvenir Capacity of a shotglass — 50 ml. The set consists of 2 pieces. New 2015.

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Titanium shoehorn 120 mm

Titanium shoehorn 120 mm. 1-2mmx50 mmx120mm

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Titanium shoehorn 120 mm. Aquaprint.

Технология покраски — иммерсионная печать

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Titanium shoehorn 250 mm. Aquaprint.

Технология покраски — иммерсионная печать

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Leather folder «Autumn»

Handmade. Business style ShabalinDesign

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Exclusive titanium souvenirs

Souvenir is a French word translated as ‘memory’ or ‘the memory of the place, travel, and event’... But having been presented, it is seen as the memory of the man, who gave it. It is easy to find a reason to give a cute or amusing trifle trinket. It is difficult to choose a gift that will not gather dust in a drawer and will not seamlessly move into the trash.

The “Titanium Dream” Company offers such souvenirs that are sure to amuse the owners for a long time. They are unusual, bright, and catchy. Small functional things from our titanium alloy will become a pleasant surprise for close people as well as for unfamiliar business customers or partners, and they will leave long nice memories about you. Souvenirs made of titanium do not crumple, do not break, do not take up much space, require no maintenance and care. They are simple and often used, they are always at hand, but still they are weightlessness and durable.

Surprise your addressee with your extravagant taste, an unusual approach to the gift selection and your originality!

“Titanium Dream” gives you an opportunity to be remembered by the person you give your present to. And in his/her turn this person will have a chance to stand out in a business meeting or presentation.

Calendars, pens, flash drives... Unfortunately, manufacturers of souvenirs and their customers often have nothing to offer or invent except for these things. But a money clip or a super-opener from the “Titanium dream” Company are not the cheapest variants, but they will for sure become the most unusual gift!

Gladden yourself with these small but interesting things thus you will demonstrate your own individual style and taste to others!