Multipurpose spade “Lynx”. Aquaprint.

Measures: working surfase — 1.5mm length — 500mm width — 150mm weigth — 600g

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Titanium spade of medium size

150 mm x 220 mm. Weight: 260 gr. Blades of spades are manufactured by cold forming.

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Multipurpose spade “Lynx”

Multipurpose spade “Lynx” Working surface — 1.5 mm.  Length 500 mm.  Width 150 mm.  Weight 600 gr.

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Multipurpose spade “Bear”

Limited edition Check availability. Blades of our spades are manufactured by means of cold forming.

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Titanium pick-up square-point shovel

1,5mm х 240mm х 260mm Weight — 690 gr The blade of the shovel is made by means of cold forming.

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Titanium shovel of medium size with a stalk

150mm х220 mm. Length 970 mm. Weight 450 gr. The shovel blades are made by means of cold forming.

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Titanium spades

Titanium spades.A vast number of customers have already valued the quality and the solidity of our titanium equipment. The titanium spades are the bestsellers in this field. In this partition, there is a wide assortment of different spades suited to every fancy.

A spade is a useful multifunctional “must-have” tool that should always be close at hand. “Titanium dream” presents several kinds of spades that differ in their characteristics, utility, size and form. They are united by the peculiarity of the metal they are made of. Titanium is one of the firmest materials, it also has lightweight, it is resistant to rust and temperature changes. It keeps its qualities; its presentable original form and view for a long time; it does not require sharpening. The titanium spades do not need any special maintaining or special storage conditions.

Undoubtedly, many customers will evaluate our round-point and a square spades made of the titanium alloy. They are irreplaceable when working with soil, firm ground, clay and with many other materials when all the rest common tools are ineffective. In your building works or in the middle of a garden season you are sure to measure unrepeatable characteristics of these items and you will never get back to your old equipment.

Our universal titanium spades are also worth mentioning. They are a real dream of all fishermen, motorists and of those people who often go hiking, have picnics and prefer an active life style.

You are sure to like our company’s offers. One more remarkable item is a foldable universal spade; it can be an irreplaceable helper when you go hiking or hunting.

Ideal tools are easy-to-use and to store. They are firm, solid and modern and they require little space when transporting. All these things can be said about titanium spades!

You will find an excellent present for you and your friends in this partition, you will learn how to facilitate your garden work or simplify any tourist’s life in a hike, and you will discover new characteristics of common tools that are so irreplaceable for any motorist or an angler.

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Made in Russia.