Titanium pick-up square-point shovel

1,5mm х 240mm х 260mm
Weight — 690 gr The blade of the shovel is made by means of cold forming.

We are glad to present one of our most requested tools to you! This is our pick-up square-pointed shovel. Its name reflects the main purpose of this tool. It is very easy to pick up various free-flowing materials with it.

A pick-up shovel is widely used in the garden when you need to replace soil, peat or compost; in different building works when you have to load or unload something or to move the materials from place to place; during archeological excavations. Overall, it can be used everywhere to load or to replace something.

The blade of this pick-up shovel looks like a big scoop (240/260 mm) made of a superhard material — a titanium alloy. Thanks to this material, our mighty tool weighs only 460 grams. This aspect is very important if we speak about long lasting work. The titanium pick-up square-point shovel is treed angle-wise to let you distribute a load correctly and minimize unpleasant feelings and labor consequences.

This shovel is absolutely necessary not only for a professional but also for an ordinary man to clean the road from snow, to dig up car wheels during muddy seasons. It is difficult to mention all the cases where you might need the perfect working qualities of this tool.

Having spent a little bit more money on a titanium tool you will be able to forget about constant sharpening, special storage conditions and rust preventive measures. This titanium pick-up square-point shovel is not afraid of moisture, it can withstand heavy loads, it has high flexing resistance, it keeps its original form and view for a long time and it is much lighter than any shovel made of other materials.

Having worked with our shovel once, you will never change it for our rivals' products as one get used to good very quickly.

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