Eight-teeth titanium rake with a shaft

Length — 540 gr.
Weigh — 260 gr.

.Every gardener and every farmer knows very well that choosing equipment for gardening and farming requires special attention and nuanced approach. The main reason for it is that equipment is your first helper and its main idea is to facilitate your labor. Any even the simplest flowerbed requires constant attention and care nothing to say about more demanding plants. Our “Titanium Dream” eight-tooth rake with a shaft is sure to help you keep your flowerbed and vegetable patch in order and keep your health.

Thanks to its small size, it will become your best helper in taking care of your garden or a tiny flowerbed.A rake is a universal equipment for soil cultivation, collecting garbage, planting. A good gardener knows many ways how to use this instrument.

The working surface of our rake is made of titanium alloy. It makes the equipment lighter and firmer at the same time! Eight sharp teeth do not require to be resharped. One of the main characteristics of titanium is its ability to keep its original form and quality for a long time. The more you use it the better it looks!

Do not bother about maintaining and keeping it — any titanium instrument is not afraid of moisture, rust or chemical attacks.Our titanium rake is deformation resistant. You can easily use it to farm even the hardest frozen soil not being afraid to spoil your equipment. It is very convenient to break soil clods, to prepare flowerbeds or vegetable patches for planting, to rake the soil, to make trenches for seeds. It can be used for collecting leaves, weeding and thinning out your small lawns.

Make you work in the garden easier by means of our equipment and gardening will not be a drag on you it will always be your pleasure.

Price 60 $

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