7-pcs. cutlery set “Rainbow” in gift box

7 tea-spoons in a wooden gift box.

Tea drinking is a traditional part of life of any family. Every family has its own forms and habits of tee drinking. It is familiar and beloved by many of us from the very childhood. On weekends many people enjoy homemade cakes with tea. In the country one set samovar to boil, so that all invited relatives and close friends could enjoy the taste of this great drink. In every house there is certainly a few sets of tea-spoons: made from cheap alloys, having simple “for every day” design, made from silver, intended for guests, and even luxury sets for big special events — with a special engraving, gilded, in velvet boxes.

The “Titanium Dream” company continues these traditions and presents to you an unusual, cutting-edge, memorable and eye-catching anodized set of teaspoons “Rainbow”!

7 bright items of different colors (at your request in a special wooden gift box) will be a luxurious accessory for your kitchen, creating a particular style and demonstrating a unique approach of the owner to his home. This would be also an unusual gift for any occasion that will for sure stand out against other gifts and will be used as intended, and not gather dust on the shelf.

— Bright and bold design— Special protective coating— Strength and durability

That is by far not the complete list of advantages of the anodized cutlery set “Rainbow”.Titanium teaspoons have a lower thermal conductivity than similar products made of other alloys, which means less risk to get burned by a cup of tea for people, who prefers indeed hot tea.

Titanium cutleries are very easy to clean and to storage. Bright colors are the result of a special treatment.The cutlery set “Rainbow” will bring colors to any table! It is a great choice for any holiday; and some young guests will eat with such spoon much more than usual and even without any persuasion!

Price 230 $

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