Spoon «Forester»

Spoon is a unique invention!

It is so functional, convenient; it’s been a long time since it became so familiar in everyday life. The “Titanium Dream” Company goes further and presents you with an excellent variant for tourists, fishermen, hunters and travelers. This is our fork “Forester”.

One of the commonest cutleries for eating in the woods or on vacation is a spoon, but in fact your open air meal is seldom limited to soup only. It is difficult to abandon the usual details of everyday life, even for a short period, for any city dweller accustomed to the comfort.

The fork “Forester” is made exactly for such people. Made from a highly durable titanium alloy, it will serve you for a long time. Titanium is used in the most demanding industries that require reliability of the materials, thus, using it in everyday life you do not need to worry about the quality. It is always the highest. The Fork “Forester” is very light; you do not even have to take into account its weight while packing, but if you prefer to attach it by means of a special hole in the handle to any carbine and use it as a charm, then this necessary and virtually weightless thing will always be with you!

When you eat out of a familiar environment (at home or in a hotel), even the slightest bit of comfort becomes really important. In this case it will be provided for you by the titanium fork “Forester”. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it is so nice to hold it in your hands on a cloudy cold day. By the way, the fork “Forester” is extremely difficult to scald with!

Titanium cutleries do not require any special care; smaller pieces of food do not stick to them. Any titanium things are easy to clean and to store. Furthermore, the fork tines will always remain sharp; they cannot be bent or broken.

Pay attention to our titanium set of cutlery “Forester” for outdoor activities. Delight yourself and your friends (especially those who share your hobby) with a small but necessary gift. Our light and reliable fork “Forster” is a good variant for all occasions!

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