Titanium bottle opener «USSR»

Titanium bottle opener «USSR»

In the USSR, this tool was jokingly called «The agitator’s sputnik «. It used to be ground by the craftsmen in their spare time. Today this accessory can be found on street antiques auctions. This wonderful souvenir is available for you on the web site of the “Titanium Dream” company.

Our titanium multipurpose corkscrew is a great gift not only for those who are nostalgic about “the old days», but also for the lovers of unusual devices. Our safe and easy to store corkscrew is also provided with a bottle opener for beer taps and a special device for plastic lids, which have become quite rare, but still can be sometimes found.

This universal corkscrew can be folded and that is why it does not take much place, but due to the titanium this accessory is almost weightless! Though it is so light, this souvenir will serve more than one generation without additional sharpening and special maintenance.

Since 1861 (time when the first corkscrew was invented for opening wine), this accessory have been available on every kitchen. But we offer you an unusual really elite thing. Why this multipurpose corkscrew “USSR” has a right to be called elite? On the one hand, it significantly differs from its counterparts; on the other hand, it is made of rare material titanium. It is more expensive but it will please its owner dozens of years.

It is very easy to use the corkscrew. You need to unscrew its leg and inserted it into a special slot on its head. The tool is ready to use. Having our titanium souvenir at hands, you can always enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sun set, or enjoy a successful fishing trip with friends and a few bottles of beer.

Make yourself a present or gladden your friends with such an unusual thing. This souvenir will be appreciated by your business partners as well as by your close friends.

Our rare multipurpose titanium corkscrew will adorn your collection of stylish and unusual, but very useful accessories!

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